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Velocity + Lyrical Edit

SKU 9875082235802


A beautiful mix of lyrics and velocity (10-25 secs) - TikTok like edit 



You will need to send in footage of what you would like edited; the same way you would do with a velocity edit. With that, will be created a video that has, starts off with, or ends with lyrical content such as lyrics of an audio or song within the edit. This can either be before, after, or during the velocity edit.


As noted in our POLICY, all videos must be sent in vertical/portrait mode. NO STOP MOTION OR BOOMERANGS ALLOWED as it makes it much harder for Amirah to fulfill your order trying to work around them. Please and thank you!


If you have a preferred audio, type in the song at check out using the "Add a Note" box. If you don't have a preferred audio, then one will be appointed to you. If you have an inspiration edit, you may email me that as well. 


If you would like to remove the "mxrahedits" watermark, type in that as well at check out. You will then be sent an email to pay the $1.00 fee VIA invoice!


There will be no exchanges and refunds will only be issued in cases where the error or fault lies with MxrahEdits


The MxrahEdits Business offers amazing turnaround time via fast shipping. Velocity + Lyrical edits estimated delivery time falls between 2hrs-2days!

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