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Amirah Muhammad

Adobe Professionally Certified: Visual Design

On The Way - Adobe Professionally Certified: Video Editing!

Reach me at 919-907-3270


"MxrahEdits" started off as a pipe dream. I never thought much of editing at the beginning of my journey being as I was so young. With cute little funimate edits, I experienced a feeling that I had never felt as a 8 year old girl; I felt a sense of euphoria that I couldn't shake. I soon realized that editing gave me courage, enlightenment, it gave me peace. I knew editing was something I wanted to pursue, video editing specifically and that has helped shape who am I today. Because of the profound love I have for editing, I was eager to find a way to use my acquired knowledge for good. I love giving to others, I love assisting others and so, I want to give you all the same joy and enlightenment that I feel while editing by being your creative mentor. I now welcome you to the small but successful business named "MxrahEdits" where I make your creative ideas come true! I can't wait for us to work together!

Amirah Muhammad
Amirah Muhammad


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